FMS Sistemi

Fleet Management Solutions systems are hardware-software kits which allow users to monitor vehicles via GPS/GLONAS/GSM, alongside analytical processing of vehicle information and discovering any inadequate use of technics and resources, especially fuel management and fuel control. Quality, stability, precision, efficiency and adapting to clients’ needs, with a wide array of possibilities distinguishes our products from the many possibilities on the navigation systems markets and gives us a competitive advantage with regards to our competitors. Precise measurement and processing of fuel data, as well as identification of each individual fuel dispensing prevents any possibility of theft or misappropriation. Due to the fact that data is available in real time, availability of information about exact fuel consumption which allows cost reductions and immediate reactions as data is available in real time (currently).

By applying the FMS system, the business costs are reduced to 40%, which automatically enables our clients to gain greater competitiveness on the market. A wide range of vehicle information, with the current GPS / GSM tracking, provides a comprehensive analysis. In this way, inefficient use is identified, identifies the facts of disloyal work, and by adequate response, the costs are reduced and the service life of the vehicle is extended. The ability to easily add additional reports allows the system to adapt to the needs of the client. The flexibility of the system and the wide range of products allows us to adapt to different requirements and real needs. Working with satellite systems GLONAS and GPS, as well as the use of mapping of leading suppliers, guarantees the accuracy of detection and ease of positioning the vehicle.