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"Fleet Management Solutions" is a company whose mission and goals is to provide its’ clients with timely, reliable and precisely processed information in order to allow clients to make the right and most optimal business decisions and adequately manage their commercial vehicles and their fleets.

Fuel consumption control is one of the most crucial segments in the field of fleet management. For this reason, we have focused on preventing any fuel misuses (fuel theft from reservoir, bogs accounts with increased amounts of fuel, theft at gas stations). By installing fuel level sensors, manufactured by the Russian company Omnicomm (world leading manufacturer of fuel monitoring devices), we enable our clients to precisely control the consumption of fuel, whose price is constantly increasing/

We provide our clients with tracking and positioning of commercial vehicles via GPS/GSM communication. In addition, we offer a wide array of essential information about each vehicle, or a group of vehicles, data regarding drivers and the way in which they use the vehicle, and of course fuel control. All data is available in real time.

Introducing our system, you can reduce fuel costs, as well as other handling fees of business, which directly increases your competitiveness on the market and allows you to qualitatively stand out with respect to your competitors. FMS is the exclusive distributor of Vepamon – Omnicomm products for Serbia and Montenegro. Vepamon – Omnicomm products have found their place and application in over 70 countries around 5 continents. In addition, we offer products of other renowned manufacturers from the field of fleet management. All products are certified and attested.

We are able to completely customize the FMS systems to your needs and we guarantee cost reductions from the first day of installation.

Fleet Management Solutions
Zlatko Đuričić